Tipping Suggestions

Tipping should act as a reward for excellent service, so a reminder that it is not a mandatory expense. It is a very nice way to say thank you to those who put in the effort to help make your event fabulous. A reminder that before tipping, check your contracts as some vendors have already included the tip in their contract.

We suggest putting tips in envelopes and labeling them DJ, Dancer 1, Dancer 2, Valet, etc. and handing them to your planner or event coordinator to pass out at the end of the occasion. Note that you can contact the entertainment company or any other vendor prior to the event to get counts of staff that will be attending.

A reminder that often the MC or others will bring an additional person, like a dancer, to help out that evening outside your contract. You won’t pay for them, but it helps to have an extra tip envelope should your vendor bring a welcome surprise. 

Vendor Role Tip Suggestion
DJ $100
Dancers/Technician $50
ACTIVITIES Entertainment (Photo booth, Airbrush, etc) $25-$50
TRANSPORTATION Drivers/Valet $20-$50
HOTEL Catering Manager $100-$250
Assistants $50 - $100
Coat Check $20-$50
Banquet Captain $100-$250
OFF-PREMIS CATERING Catering Manager $100-$250
Assistants $50 - $100
Full Staff $15 - $50 each
Banquet Captain $100-$250
MISC (Not always tipped) Photographer $50 each
Videographer $50 each
Hair & Makeup 18% of total